Prior to sending inventory to wholesale auction, Ray Price Cars will offer vehicles to the public for sale at Bargain Prices! These vehicles will be sold "Bargain Cars" with a bottom line price on the windshield. We will not negotiate these prices!  

"Bargain Cars" OUTLET POLICY 

  • In order to provide the public with less expensive quality used cars, these vehicles have been selected to be sold "Bargain Cars" with just a basic Pennsylvania State Safety Inspection
  • In order to minimize cost to you the customer, we have not made any mechanical or cosmetic repairs to these vehicles  
  • All vehicles will receive a Pennsylvania State Safety Inspection, and you will receive a written notification of this safety inspection and what is necessary to pass inspection, if anything
  • We will provide you with an estimate of recommended maintenance and repair work upon request that can be performed at our Service Department
  • We will not add any agreed upon repairs or maintenance to the final selling price of these vehicles

Bargain Cars

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